IAM Union Applauds Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers’s Veto of Reckless Child Labor Bill 

MADISON, Wis., April 8, 2024 – The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) applauds Wisconsin Gov. Evers’ decisive action today in vetoing Senate Bill 436 at the IAM’s Wisconsin State Council of Machinists meeting in Madison, Wis. The right-wing, corporate-backed legislation aimed to dismantle vital safeguards for some of Wisconsin’s most vulnerable workers, 14 and 15-year-olds. 

“Eliminating these permits would have been a reckless gamble with the well-being of young people,” said IAM International President Brian Bryant. “Work permits are not merely red tape. They are essential shields protecting our children from exploitation, unsafe conditions, and disrupted education. By vetoing this bill, Gov. Evers has shown clear leadership in prioritizing the safety and welfare of Wisconsin’s future workforce.” 

The IAM supports Gov. Evers and all Wisconsin workers’ rights champions fighting to protect our future. We remain committed to fighting alongside them to ensure our youth enter the workforce with the protections and opportunities they deserve, not as pawns in a race to the bottom.

“The IAM stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Governor Evers and our allies in the labor movement,” said IAM Midwest Territory General Vice President Sam Cicinelli. “We’re committed to ensuring young people entering the workforce have the protections and opportunities they deserve. They’re not pawns in a race to the bottom but the future of the great state of Wisconsin. We must safeguard their rights at all costs so their potential can thrive.” 

“Child labor safeguards are in place to protect the life, health, safety, and welfare of children,” said IAM District 10 Directing Business Representative Alex Hoekstra. “We thank Governor Evers for taking action to uphold the work permit process for kids in Wisconsin. Strong child labor laws are essential to keeping kids safe from injury or harm at work.”

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