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Mobirise 5.9.0


  • New default theme for the Mobirise app: StartM5. It's available for all users.
  • Two new templates based on StartM5.
  • More blocks with Item Wizard.
  • New masonry blocks supported and available in StartM5.


  • Cookie Alert fix (no duplicating scripts anymore).
  • Github Pages: a small fix for publication.
  • Turkish language added.
  • Fix for the infinite loading screen.

Mobirise 5.8.14


  • Mobirise 5: New features block with Item Manager.


  • Fix for video popup size.
  • Fix for Lazy Load/video popup.
  • Fixes for adding blocks.
  • Image Optimization is fixed for Mac.


  • Search for blocks in the app: more tags.
  • New date format for default site names.

Mobirise 5.8.12


  • Search for blocks in the app: we have added more tags.
  • New date format for default site names.


  • Mobirise 5: fix for menu blocks in Safari.
  • Image Optimization is fixed for Mac.
  • Tables in Mobirise 5 theme fixed.
  • Fixes for adding blocks.

Mobirise 5.8.9


  • The Resize Images option is renewed (for .jpg images).
  • Cookie Alert: some changes for better compatibility with scripts.
  • The Remove Link button is working now.


  • WebP: fix for sliders.
  • The "Scroll to top" button: fix for large monitors.

Mobirise 5.8.6


  • Cookie Alert: the opacity parameter is back for the Alert Only and Accept and Reject options.
  • Converting to WebP is disabled for Export (still works when you publish your site).
  • Cancelling publication with converting to WebP now works.


  • The issue with editing page name after typing odd dots is gone (w/o Code Editor, it was a problem).
  • Fix for M4/M5 gallery compatibility.

Mobirise 5.8.4


  • YouTube Shorts links are supported now.
  • Offline mode works correctly now with creating projects.


  • Fix for issues with changing images in projects.
  • Fix for M4 galleries and shop blocks.
  • Fix for WebP: favicon and social sharing images will not be converted.
  • Mac: the context menu works correctly now.

Mobirise 5.8.0


  • Now you can convert your site pictures to WebP when you publish your site.

Fixes for video blocks

  • YouTube Shorts links are supported now.
  • Mobirise 5: fixes for video sizes.


  • Better performance.


Other fixes

  • Offline mode works correcly with creating projects now.
  • Images are not removed anymore when you create a new page based on a template.
  • The Update All button works better.
  • Fixes for loading projects.
  • The Licenses list view: date format changed.
  • Fixes for anchor links.

Mobirise 5.7.0

Cookie Alert

  • New Cookie Alert that requires the user's consent (all JS and CSS files will be blocked until consent). Find this feature in Site Settings.


  • Added support for using links to .mp4 videos in blocks.
  • Embeded YouTube videos are not muted by default.
  • Better performance.


  • The Typed effect should work correctly.
  • The Hide/Show Blocks option in the Blocks fields work correctly in all languages.
  • Form Builder works correctly with M3 themes.
  • Fix for using anchors in links.

Mobirise 5.6.11


  • Old projects based on M3 themes can be opened in Mobirise 5 again.
  • Fix for Mobirise extensions, installed extensions are seen (Code Editor).

Mobirise 5.6.8


  • Fallback image added for background videos in Mobirise 5 theme.
  • Reveal effect support added.
  • Some fixes for better compatibility of M5/M4 themes.
  • Fix for feature blocks with sliders.
  • Mobirise 5 Theme: small fixes for iPad.

Mobirise 5.6.5


  • Some fixes for better M4/M5 compatibility (sliders, typed/video/testimonials, menu plugins).
  • Mobirise 5: Some fixes for Youtube background video.
  • Mobirise 5: fallback image link for background video.


  • Project History: file size shown in the list, multiple select.
  • The Licenses list is available in the Account settings.

Form Builder

  • Fixes for M5 themes. Form Builder is updated.
  • The Verify button is added to Form Settings.

Mobirise 5.6.0


  • All M4 and M5 themes are updated to solve M4/M5 compatibility (a masonry gallery issue).


  • The app is now reloaded after installing extensions.
  • Automatic installation of available themes (no confirmation required).
  • Countdown blocks are fixed.
  • Video background fixes.
  • The app has a short period of an offline work (in the case when your internet connection is unstable, you will still be able to use extensions).
  • The masonry effect in M4 galleries fixed (M5 compatibility).
  • Some fixes for better M4/M5 compatibility (sliders, typed/video/testimonials plugins).
  • The User licenses modal window added (Account -> Licenses).

Mobirise 5.5.0


  • The Mobirise 5 theme: templates added
  • The Mobirise 5 theme: new slider blocks


  • Files in links: list view
  • The name of original theme is seen in the Block list on hover
  • The name of original theme is seen in the Templates list on hover

Mobirise 5.4.0


  • M5 themes are available. These themes are based on Bootstrap 5. M4 and M5 themes are compatible.
  • The Mobirise 5 theme is now based on Bootstrap 5.


  • Migration to Bootstrap 5: changes in plugins (most plugins don't use jQuery now).
  • Plugins are added now when you add blocks from other themes (fix).
  • Page Templates: the new panel where you can select a template when you create your project.

Mobirise 5.3.10


  • Default app language is set to English.
  • Links with the quotes characters fixed.
  • Added support for IDN urls in the "Link to" window.
  • SFTP Publishing method updated.
  • Now you can send a detailed crash report if your project cannot be saved.
  • Publication process optimized. Fixed publishing huge projects.


  • AMP themes: links supported in video blocks.

Mobirise 5.3.5


  • Engine improved. Now the app should work faster.


  • Blockpack blocks are not shown in the main list of blocks. You can still access them via Search or the "More Blocks" button.
  • Blocks in themes are sorted. Now you can add blocks from other themes. Search needed blocks via the More buttons or the Search field.


  • Adding blocks: the error with adding broken blocks fixed.
  • Fonts issues fixed.
  • Item Wizard issue fixed for sliders.
  • Code Editor: placeholders for scripts are shown now.
  • Code Editor: fixes for old projects (M3 themes).

Mobirise 5.3


  • New loader look.
  • Scrollbar styling added.
  • Added dark inline editor panel in the dark mode.
  • Now you can create sites based on a template from another theme.
  • The Sites panel: search by name & domain added.
  • Create New Site panel: newest themes shown on top of the list.
  • Search through all templates when adding a new page: go to Pages and click Create New Page to see the list of available templates.
  • Drag Block to Page panel: Search through all Mobirise blocks.
  • Added Show More buttons at the end of each blocks' group.
  • Updated block groups (added new block groups, renamed and sorted the old ones) for free Mobirise themes.
  • Added shadows to the show more blocks button on hover.
  • Added new blocks categories to default themes, fixed the search for similar blocks.
  • Added Add All button in the Extensions list

New scrollbar view.

Dark inline editor panel in the dark mode.

You can start your project with a template.

Search for suitable blocks.

Add all available extensions via the Add All button.

For Domains

  • Updated DNS records: new DNS record types available.
  • Connecting domain via CNAME record added.


  • Improved loading speed of user sites by optimized connection of Google Fonts.
  • If there is something wrong with the project code, you'll see a note about an issue.

Themes and Extensions

  • Code Editor: Highlight matching tags in HTML.
  • Icons: SVG icons instead of iconfont files in pages to improve loading speed
  • Mobirise 5 Theme: Added compatibility with the Form Builder extension
  • Mobirise 5 Theme: Fixes for alignment on mobile devices.
  • Mobirise 5: Fixes for logo images in the navbar.
  • Mobirise 5: Fixed the scroll-to-top arrow on mobile view.
  • Mobirise 5: Added paddings to the logo in the menu.
  • Mobirise 5: Socicon plugin font now supports "font-display: swap" for better optimization.
  • Mobirise 5: Fixed menu brand name underline.

Highlight for matching tags in HTML.


  • Github publishing method fixed.
  • Fixed and updated DNS records: new DNS record types available.
  • The Extensions panel: search fixed.
  • Fixed the position for the custom HTML block.
  • Fixes for the theme installation when choosing an unavailable theme.
  • App Settings: fixed saving Remove Mobirise from HTML setting.
  • Link-editor: fixed shop links in AMP themes.
  • Fixes for the fonts connection issue.

Mobirise 5.2


  • Bootstrap version updated in the app to 4.5.2
  • Better performance


  • New Blocks Menu panel. Browse through blocks more conveniently due to the enlarged page view.
  • Spellchecker: check and correct mistakes directly in the app.
  • Add Blocks List: all compatible blocks are available w/o theme reloading and user blocks. Select a compatible theme to see a blocks list.
  • Pages List: Search available.
  • You can download all the extensions available for you. Open the Extensions list and press Ctrl+Shift+A.
  • Don't show again option for remove block, create site and open site dialogs.
  • Updated Remove Unused Images.
  • The Sites panel works faster.

Mobirise 5 theme

  • Ghost Button Border option in Site Styles.
  • 5 new blocks: headers and footers.
  • The Logo Size option for footers.
  • Fixes in some block designs.
  • Fix with tab anchor renaming.
  • Duplicated code and CSS removed.
  • Some fixes in block designs.


  • Fix in Code Editor "click twice to save".
  • Fix for "Social Sharing Image".
  • Fix for sorting blocks.
  • Google maps fix.
  • Code syntax verification fix in Code Editor.
  • Fix for custom HTML in M3.

Mobirise 5.0


  • Brand-new engine. The app is upto 2 time faster, especially on large projects.
  • Bootstrap version updated in the app to 4.5.0.
  • jQuery version updated in the app to v3.5.1.
  • Themes can be added faster (the app is not reloading if the theme is not current).


  • Light/Dark mode. The Light mode is enabled by default in the app now. But if it's more comfortable for your to use the dark mode, open app settings (Menu -> Account -> App Settings -> Editor -> Dark Mode).
  • The "Remove Unused Images" button added in Site Library.
  • Sites published on Mobirise servers are shown in the Sites list now. If you remove them, they will not be available online anymore.
  • New Sites panel available in the app. Now it's in a full-screen mode.
  • Image Editor: New function in Image Editor: Rotate.
  • Favicon and page name are shown in navbar.
  • Canvas with borders. You can disable this feature in your app settings (Menu -> Account -> App Settings -> Editor -> Fullscreen Canvas).
  • You can connect your site domain with the site published via the Mobirise Publish option. Find this feature in your Site Settings after publishing your site.

New Sites List view available in Mobirise 5.

You can enable Dark Mode in App Settings.

You can disable your project borders by enabling the Fullscreen Canvas option.

Clear your site library by removing images you don't use in a project.

The site domain settings will appear in your Site Settings after publishing your site via the Mobirise Publish option.


  • Saving user blocks is fixed.
  • AMP Cache issue fixed. Earlier some of our users faced some issues with AMP blocks: galleries, sliders, accordions were not usable because of saved cached files. There was no simple way to clear the cache folder. This issue is fixed now.
  • Sliders and Galleries optimized in the app. This fix may not affect already created galleries, but new galleries and sliders should work faster.
  • Mobirise 4 Theme: links are supported, forms are cleared after submitting, gallery and form fixes.
  • MobiriseAMP Theme: update menu, fixed 'scroll to top button'.
  • Issue with $ symbols cleared is fixed.
  • Parallax fixes.
  • Link Editor: WhatsApp link fixed.
  • Form Builder fixes.
  • Google Maps fixed.


  • Code Editor: Global HTML Insert available in Site Settings. You can add the HTML lang tag in it and add code snippets to the various parts of your pages. Since this feature is global, your code will be added to all pages in your project.
  • New default theme available in the app: Mobirise 5. Start a new project and select the Mobirise 5 theme to check it.

Install the Code Editor extension to find the Global HTML Insert tab in Site Settings.

Mobirise 4

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