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Kansas State Council endorses Margie Wakefield for 2nd Congressional district




Kansas State Councial Endorsements

Paul Davis/Jill Docking    Governor/Lt Governor

Jean Kurtis Schodorf       Secretary of State

A.J.Kotich                      Attorney General

Dennis Anderson             Commissioner of Insurance

Kansas House of Representatives   Adam J. Lusker Sr. Dist 2,Nancy Lusk Dist22,Ann E.Mah Dist 54,Keri Ratliff Dist 75,Ed Trimmer Dist79,Lynn Wells Dist81,Danette Harris Dist 82,Carolyn Bridges Dist 83,Gail Finney Dist 84,Jim ward Dist 86,Patricia M. Sloop Dist 88,Roderick A. Houston Dist 89,John Carmichael Dist 92, Sammy K. Flaharty Dist 93,Tom Sawyer Dist 95,Brandon Whipple Dist 96,Michael E. Walker Dist 97, Steven G. Crum Dist 98,Brian E. Davis Dist102 and Jan Pauls Dist 102,Ponka-We-Victors Dist 103,Steven R. Becker Dist 104,Sherry Livingston Dist 105, Steve Muehleisen Dist 112



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We can do better to protect injured workers in Kansas, but it won’t happen unless we take action. Please take the time to sign our online petition for Worker’s Compensation Reform. We will provide numbers on our petition signatures as Union Brothers and Sisters descend upon the state’s capitol building in Topeka, Kansas for a rally to protect Working Kansans. We are asking all of Working Families to join us as we gather the afternoon of February 26th (just prior to Washington Days celebrations) to listen to legislative leaders who support our quest for Work Comp  Reform. We will have a more specific time and location of where we will gather at the Capitol soon!
We, the undersigned, believe that the Kansas Legislature has failed to assure that workers compensation protects the 94% of working Kansans that depend on it if they are hurt on the job. For twenty-four straight years lawmakers have failed to take action for Work Comp reform for serious and permanent work place injuries. While they’ve ignored injured Kansas employees and their families, they’ve spent at least $1.3 billion on economic development, including tax breaks for business. It’s time for the Kansas Legislature to protect Kansans instead of Big Business. We urge the Kansas State Legislature to support it’s most valuable asset, it’s workers. We also believe all Kansans should join in the struggle for working families by placing their name on this petition in a show of support for legislators to take action NOW by:

    * Returning care and treatment decisions for workers to
        healthcare providers.
    * Assuring that working Kansans remain economically
      self-sufficient until they are able to return to work.
    * Holds Big Insurance accountable for unjustified rates and
      for unfairly delaying and denying medical treatment and
    *Restoring purchasing power by raising caps on benefits.

This Petition is to serve as our voice to call upon the KansasState Legislature to raise the caps on Work Comp benefits and to
allow choice of physician by the worker when they suffer the misfortune of being injured on the job. Please join is by
providing information below as we urge the 2010 Kansas Legislature to reform Worker’s Compensation.

Click here to sign the petition:




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