• Machinists Unveil Bold New Strategy to Grow Union January 18, 2018
    The most significant shift in strategy to grow the Machinists Union is now being taught to members and staff. The new plan, approved by the Executive Council last year, is the culmination of a top-to-bottom review of the union’s organizing tactics. Each Territory reviewed and advised in formulating the new strategy. “The time for talk […]
  • IAM Speaks Out Against Government Shutdown Threat January 18, 2018
    The federal government could shut down Friday, January 19 at midnight if Congress can’t work out a solution to its spending dispute. This means that the lives of federal employees would once again be affected by Congress’ failure to do its job. Watch the video. In order to assist you with local preparations, the IAM […]
  • A Foundation of Solidarity January 18, 2018
    Three years ago, the situation felt almost hopeless. In one of the worst winters on record, members of IAM Local 219 at Bluegrass Station in Lexington, KY walked the picket line for nearly six months. This group of warehouse workers, who offer logistical support for our Armed Services, had their own fight to take on. […]
  • What You Might Have Missed on Activate L!VE January 18, 2018
    This week’s Activate L!VE included a variety of topics including coverage of how Machinist Union members commemorated Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a recap of the AFL/CIO MLK Conference in Houston, TX and District 711 Business Representative Bill Benson also joined the show to discuss a new contract ratified by members of IAM Local […]
  • Enroll in Federal Employees Collective Bargaining Program January 18, 2018
    The Machinists Union will conduct a Federal Employees Collective Bargaining program April 29–May 4, 2018 at the William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center in Hollywood, MD. The program will be useful to stewards and officers who negotiate in the federal sector. Training will focus on areas including negotiating ground rules, contract bargaining, mid-term bargaining, […]
  • Trout and Contreras Join GST Auditing Team January 18, 2018
    IAM General Secretary-Treasurer Dora Cervantes has appointed Suzette Trout and Francisco “Frank” Contreras as Grand Lodge Auditors, effective January 1, 2018. “These two individuals exemplify our union and what we stand for,” said Cervantes. “Their knowledge and work ethics add to an already strong auditing team. The GST department is proud to have them and […]
  • Reclaim the Dream January 16, 2018
    Machinists joined hundreds of activists in Houston for the 2018 AFL-CIO Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Civil and Human Rights Conference. This year’s theme, “Reclaiming the Dream: Strategize, Organize, Mobilize,” was about shifting the rules and building power so that working communities can thrive and families can enjoy the fruits of their labor. IAM General […]
  • California Members Secure Contract Gains Following Strike January 16, 2018
    IAM Members of Bay Point, CA Local 1584 at Henkel Aerospace are back to work having secured significant victories after a two and a half month strike. Following an industrial accident in 2013 that took the life of a coworker, the workers organized and won their first contract in 2014. After a difficult three years, […]
  • You Can Thank the Machinists for These Amazing New Photos of Jupiter January 16, 2018
    The latest mesmerizing photos of Jupiter being taken by the spacecraft Juno from just above the planet’s surface are due in large part to the skill of Machinists Union members. The rocket that launched Juno was built by IAM Local 44 members at United Launch Alliance in Decatur, AL and was launched in 2011 by […]
  • Senate Republicans Target Social Security Administration for Cuts January 16, 2018
    In an effort to undermine public confidence in the future of Social Security, Senate Republicans are proposing massive cuts which will make it more difficult for Americans to access their hard-earned benefits. Tell Congress to reject cuts to the Social Security Administration and to fully fund the Social Security Administration in the 2018 federal budget. […]
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